Our blog has started!

Welcome to our first blog post in our newly created blog. We hope to provide you with some information and interesting stories here that might be entertaining or informing for any skiers out there. Were going to have initially three main writers for our blog posts. Later on we might try to find some guest writers who could come in and provide us with some experience or background that the other three of us don’t have. One of our writers Ross is going to be focusing on reviews for various ski clubs and ski resorts that he will go to. John another writer is going to be focusing on any ski related current events. And I your ski master and going to do a little bit of everything. Now as some of you may have seen from our contributors page we’re also looking for some writers from other countries and other regions so that they can do similar articles but in areas that we cannot get to or don’t have access to. Right now we are particularly interested in Asia and we have a lot of different stories that we’d like to write up about the Japan outs and Japan in general. So if you think that you have the ability to write some of our articles in English and are interested please take a look at our contributors page and send us some info and maybe you can start writing for our website as well.


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