We are looking for contributors! Right now we are looking to expand our website to other regions. Europe, Asia, Africa and South America have hundreds of amazing ski resorts. We want to cover them. We are talking about reviews , pictures and other information. To do this we are looking for contributors who will go to these resorts and write up an article for us. We will not only pay for the trip and the stay at the resort but we’ll also pay you for your time! What could be better than that?


-5 years or more experience snowboarding or skiing

-2-3 years writing experience

-Region language ability

-English language ability (TOEIC at least 750 points)


If you think this would be a good chance for you ,please contact us. If you don’t have the writing experience contact us with a sample of your writing. If your English skills aren’t that great or you haven’t taken the TOEIC test yet please find a good textbook or online course, start studying and contact us when you have gotten better. Felipe who writes for us had a lot of success with Goodwin English’s Online TOEIC course. There are many other good books that could help you as well. English ability is a must as our future projects are all English based and of course we all communicate in English here at our website. If you have any questions please leave us a message and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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