Japan Alps- Fukuyama Ski Resort

Today we are going to review the Fukuyama ski resort in the Japanese Alps. Before we get to our review I have to introduce you to our reviewer. Our reviewer is an American who lives in Japan and saw that we were looking for contributors to our blog. He runs his own school in Japan which is called, Fukuyama Ekaiwa. He emailed us saying that he was going to go visit this resort and he would love to do in English review for us. We jumped at the chance and here is his review. Though by the name his name is Tim Watley.

The first thing I can say about Fukuyama ski resort is that the views are absolutely breathtaking. Has many people who know or have visited Japan they’ve seen that the cities are not exactly the most beautiful. Sure there might be a pretty temple or shrine here or there but for the most part Japan is wall-to-wall concrete and buildings. Has very little nature in the cities. But once you get on the train you had out into the mountains the true beauty of Japan opens up. It reminded me a bit of the Colorado Rockies in the winter. We arrived the resort on a Saturday at 10 o’clock. I can speak Japanese as I’ve lived here for many years but I still wanted to test the resort and see how well they could communicate in English with other foreign travelers. The front desk girl who couldn’t have been older than 22 spoke absolutely great English. Then later on when the bellboy took our bags up to our room he also chatted with us in very passable English. The next day I have the chance to meet the manager and I asked him why so many of his staff have that great of English skills. He told me that they only hire people who have passed 800 points on the TOEIC test. The TOEIC test is an international test that is used by many companies, this website included, to measure a person’s English ability. So that means that all of the people working there had to study English quite a lot. So if you don’t speak Japanese don’t worry this resort has you in mind.

Now let’s get to the part that all of you are waiting for. The skiing. Let me tell you the slopes are fantastic. Absolutely beautiful views. Many different slopes for various levels. Not too many people. And all of the fellow skiers were extremely friendly. After skiing as everybody knows very often you’re very hungry after expending so much energy so my next test for the resort was the food. I understand that a lot of people think that they enjoy Japanese food. And they truly might like it but the fact is that the Japanese food that you eat in your hometown is very different from “real” Japanese food. I wanted to see what type of substitutes they had for anyone who does not like Japanese food. The first restaurant we went to had a number of dishes that I tried a knife feel comfortable saying that anybody who is scared of eating Japanese food would certainly enjoy. They had great pasta, some steaks, some pork dishes and various other delicious foods. I would have to give this resort an eight out of 10 points. The only downfall was the price. Japanese resorts are not cheap. But you can expect the absolute best service and best accommodations that money can buy.


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